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The purpose of "Investors Lounge"  pages is to connect new and seasoned Real Estate Investors with  qualified Trust Deed Brokers and to provide information on  trust deed practices and high yield lending opportunities posted by borrowers and mortgage loan brokers (MLBs).

Mortgage Notes

Mortgage note is an agreement that offers a mortgage as proof of the debt and defines the terms under which the mortgage is to be repaid.  It states the debt and the interest rates of the agreement.  There are several companies or investors that would pay cash to buy mortgage notes.  They will take over the monthly payments that went to the previous owner.

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MORTGAGE NOTE   (Actual content prepayment addendum- part 2)


Loan Number: NOR40310

Date: APRIL 4, 2010

Borrower(s): BEN DESPARADO

THIS PREPAYMENT ADDENDUM TO NOTE (the "Addendum") is made this 4th day of

APRIL, 2010 , and is incorporated into and shall be deemed to amend and supplement that certain promissory note (the "Note") made by the undersigned ("Borrower") in favor of PRIVATE HARD MONEY LENDER, INC., A CALIFORNIA CORPORATION

("Lender") and dated the same date as this Addendum.  Repayment of the Note is secured by a Mortgage, Deed of Trust, or Security Deed (the "Security Instrument") given by Borrower in favor of Lender and dated the same date as this Addendum. To the extent that the provisions of this Addendum are inconsistent with the provisions of the Note, the provisions of this Addendum shall supersede the inconsistent provisions of the Note.

ADDITIONAL COVENANTS. In addition to the covenants and agreements made in the Note, Borrower and Lender further covenant and agree as follows:

Section 4 of the Note is amended to read in its entirety as follows:


I have the right to make payments of Principal at any time before they are due. A payment of Principal only is known as a "Prepayment." When I make a Prepayment, I will tell the Note Holder in writing that I am doing so. I may not designate a payment as a Prepayment if I have not made all the monthly payments due under the Note.

The Note Holder will use my Prepayments to reduce the amount of Principal that I owe under the Note. However, the Note Holder may apply my Prepayment to the accrued and unpaid interest on the Prepayment amount, before applying my Prepayment to reduce the Principal amount of the Note. If I make a partial Prepayment, there will be no changes in the due dates of my monthly payment unless the Note Holder agrees in writing to those changes.

If the Note contains provisions for a variable interest rate, my partial Prepayment may reduce the amount of my monthly payments after the first Change Date following my partial Prepayment. However, any reduction due to my partial Prepayment may be offset by an interest rate increase.

If within THREE ( 3 ) months from the date the Security Instrument is executed I make a full Prepayment or one or more partial Prepayments, and the total of all such Prepayments in any 12-month period exceeds TWENTY percent

( 20.000 %) of the original principal amount of the loan, I will pay a Prepayment charge in an amount equal to SIX ( 6 ) months' advance interest on the amount by which the total of my Prepayments within any 12-month period exceeds TWENTY percent ( 20.000 %) of the original principal amount of the loan. If the Note contains provisions for a variable interest rate, the purpose of the loan is to finance the purchase or construction of real property containing four or fewer residential units or on which four or fewer residential units are to be constructed, and the Note Holder is not a "supervised financial organization," as defined in California Civil Code Section 1916.5, then I may prepay the loan in whole or in part without a Prepayment charge within 90 days of notification of any increase in the rate of interest.





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