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The purpose of "Investors Lounge"  pages is to connect new and seasoned Real Estate Investors with  qualified Trust Deed Brokers and to provide information on  trust deed practices and high yield lending opportunities posted by borrowers and mortgage loan brokers (MLBs).


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TRUST DEED EXPLANATION (Actual content part 1)


Words used in multiple sections of this document are defined below and other words are defined in Sections 3, 11, 13, 18, 20 and 21. Certain rules regarding the usage of words used in this document are also provided in Section 16.

(A) "Security Instrument" means this document, which is dated APRIL 4, 2010 , together with all Riders to this document.


. Borrower is the trustor under this Security Instrument.


. Lender is a CALIFORNIA CORPORATION organized and existing under the laws of CALIFORNIA . Lender's address is 100 PRIVATE LENDING BOULEVARD, BURBANK, CALIFORNIA 91506 . Lender is the beneficiary under this Security Instrument.



(E) "Note" means the promissory note signed by Borrower and dated APRIL 4, 2010 . The Note states that Borrower owes Lender ONE HUNDRED FIFTY THOUSAND AND 00/100

Dollars (U.S. $ 150,000.00 ) plus interest. Borrower has promised to pay this debt in regular Periodic Payments and to pay the debt in full not later than MAY 1, 2013 .

(F) "Property" means the property that is described below under the heading "Transfer of Rights in the Property."

(G) "Loan" means the debt evidenced by the Note, plus interest, any prepayment charges and late charges due under the Note, and all sums due under this Security Instrument, plus interest.


What secures your investment?

Your investment is secured by a deed of trust recorded against the title of the borrower's prop­erty (the Property). Unlike deposits in a bank or savings and loan, which are generally insured by a federal agency (such as FDIC) and may usually be withdrawn with limited notice, the promissory note: (1) involves risk to principal (a typical feature of all investments); (2) establishes a specific and predetermined period of time for the repayment of your investment; and (3) does not benefit from insurance issued by a federal agency.

In a deed of trust, the borrower (trustor) transfers the Property, in trust, to an independent third party (trustee) who holds conditional title on behalf of the lender or note holder (beneficiary) for the purpose of exercising the following powers: (1) to reconvey the deed of trust once the borrower satisfies all obligations under the promissory note; or (2) to sell the Property if the borrower de faults (known as a foreclosure). Foreclosure involves the process of selling the Property to a third-party bidder or, in the absence of a sufficient third-party bid, acquiring title to the Property. The foreclosure sale, in most cases, satisfies the debt.


Loan Number: NOR40310

1-4 FAMILY RIDER (Assignment of Rents)

THIS 1-4 FAMILY RIDER is made this 4th day of APRIL, 2010 , and is incorporated into and shall be deemed to amend and supplement the Mortgage, Deed of Trust, or Security Deed (the "Security Instrument") of the same date given by the undersigned (the "Borrower") to secure Borrower's Note to PRIVATE HARD MONEY LENDER, INC., A CALIFORNIA CORPORATION (the "Lender") of the same date and covering the Property described in the Security Instrument and located at:


[Property Address]

1-4 FAMILY COVENANTS. In addition to the covenants and agreements made in the Security Instrument, Borrower and Lender further covenant and agree as follows:

A. ADDITIONAL PROPERTY SUBJECT TO THE SECURITY INSTRUMENT. In addition to the Property described in Security Instrument, the following items now or hereafter attached to the Property to the extent they are fixtures are added to the Property description, and shall also constitute the Property covered by the Security Instrument: building materials, appliances and goods of every nature whatsoever now or hereafter located in, on, or used, or intended to be used in connection with the Property, including, but not limited to, those for the purposes of supplying or distributing heating, cooling, electricity, gas, water, air and light, fire prevention and extinguishing apparatus, security and access control apparatus, plumbing, bath tubs, water heaters, water closets, sinks, ranges, stoves, refrigerators, dishwashers, disposals, washers, dryers, awnings, storm windows, storm doors, screens, blinds, shades, curtains and curtain rods, attached mirrors, cabinets, paneling and attached floor coverings, all of which, including replacements and additions thereto, shall be deemed to be and remain a part of the Property covered by the Security Instrument. All of the foregoing together with the Property described in the Security Instrument (or the leasehold estate if the Security Instrument is on a leasehold) are referred to in this 1-4 Family Rider and the Security Instrument as the "Property."

B. USE OF PROPERTY; COMPLIANCE WITH LAW. Borrower shall not seek, agree to or make a change in the use of the Property or its zoning classification, unless Lender has agreed in writing to the change. Borrower shall comply with all laws, ordinances, regulations and requirements of any governmental body applicable to the Property.

C. SUBORDINATE LIENS. Except as permitted by federal law, Borrower shall not allow any lien inferior to the Security Instrument to be perfected against the Property without Lender's prior written permission.

D. RENT LOSS INSURANCE. Borrower shall maintain insurance against rent loss in addition to the other hazards for which insurance is required by Section 5.


F. BORROWER'S OCCUPANCY. Unless Lender and Borrower otherwise agree in writing, Section 6 concerning Borrower's occupancy of the Property is deleted.

G. ASSIGNMENT OF LEASES. Upon Lender's request after default, Borrower shall assign to Lender all leases of the Property and all security deposits made in connection with leases of the Property. Upon the assignment, Lender shall have the right to modify, extend or terminate the existing leases and to execute new leases, in Lender's sole discretion. As used in this paragraph G, the word "lease" shall mean "sublease" if the Security Instrument is on a leasehold.

H. ASSIGNMENT OF RENTS; APPOINTMENT OF RECEIVER; LENDER IN POSSESSION. Borrower absolutely and unconditionally assigns and transfers to Lender all the rents and revenues ("Rents") of the Property, regardless of to whom the Rents of the Property are payable. Borrower authorizes Lender or Lender's agents to collect the Rents, and agrees that each tenant of the Property shall pay the Rents to Lender or Lender's agents. However, Borrower shall receive the Rents until (i) Lender has given Borrower notice of default pursuant to Section 22 of the Security Instrument and (ii) Lender has given notice to the tenant(s) that the Rents are to be paid to Lender or Lender's agent. This assignment of Rents constitutes an absolute assignment and not an assignment for additional security only.

If Lender gives notice of default to Borrower: (i) all Rents received by Borrower shall be held by Borrower as trustee for the benefit of Lender only, to be applied to the sums secured by the Security Instrument; (ii) Lender shall be entitled to collect and receive all of the Rents of the Property; (iii) Borrower agrees that each tenant of the Property shall pay all Rents due and unpaid to Lender or Lender's agents upon Lender's written demand to the tenant; (iv) unless applicable law provides otherwise, all Rents collected by Lender or Lender's agents shall be applied first to the costs of taking control of and managing the Property and collecting the Rents, including, but not limited to, attorney's fees, receiver's fees, premiums on receiver's bonds, repair and maintenance costs, insurance premiums, taxes, assessmentsand other charges on the Property, and then to the sums secured by the Security Instrument; (v) Lender, Lender's agents or any judicially appointed receiver shall be liable to account for only those Rents actually received; and (vi) Lender shall be entitled to have a receiver appointed to take possession of and manage the Property and collect the Rents and profits derived from the Property without any showing as to the inadequacy of the Property as security.

If the Rents of the Property are not sufficient to cover the costs of taking control of and managing the Property and of collecting the Rents any funds expended by Lender for such purposes shall become indebtedness of Borrower to Lender secured by the Security Instrument pursuant to Section 9.

Borrower represents and warrants that Borrower has not executed any prior assignment of the Rents and has not performed, and will not perform, any act that would prevent Lender from exercising its rights under this paragraph.

Lender, or Lender's agents or a judicially appointed receiver, shall not be required to enter upon, take control of or maintain the Property before or after giving notice of default to Borrower. However, Lender, or Lender's agents or a judicially appointed receiver, may do so at any time when a default occurs. Any application of Rents shall not cure or waive any default

or invalidate any other right or remedy of Lender. This assignment of Rents of the Property

shall terminate when all the sums secured by the Security Instrument are paid in full.

I. CROSS-DEFAULT PROVISION. Borrower's default or breach under any note or agreement in which Lender has an interest shall be a breach under the Security Instrument and Lender may invoke any of the remedies permitted by the Security Instrument.

BY SIGNING BELOW, Borrower accepts and agrees to the terms and covenants contained in this 1-4 Family Rider.


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