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The way you borrow money now...

First, you call your banker and spend 30 minutes describing your borrowing needs. He tells you to mail in an application, copies of tax returns, bank statements and more. Three weeks later, and the Bank still hasn't approved your loan and wants more paperwork for their file.
More weeks go by and no loan yet. So you call Uncle Ben the Broker. He asks you for a copy of the file. Ben promises you an approval soon ... BUT you don't hear back. After wasting several weeks, you call Joe the Broker. You give him all the same information you gave the Banker. A week later Joe approves your loan ... BUT at a rate you can't afford!

Many weeks (or months!) after you requested a loan, you STILL have no approval that meets your needs!

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LendingUniverse.com.com:  HomeOld Way

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