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Fresh real time commercial hard money leads, residential or commercial unconventional leads for equity loans and any real estate loans.  Exclusive for our website only and directly posted every moment on lendinguniverse.com  

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Starter $198.00 $103.00 $301
Office $298.00 $203.00 $501
Silver $398.00 $338.00 $736
Gold $698.00 $873.00 $1,571
Platinum $998.00 $1,503.00 $2,501
Diamond $1,898.00 $3,803.00 $5,701


Our special packages are available for a limited time and may be cancel without prior notice. To take advantage of our very special pricing of the best mortgage leads and for more information call Cindy at 818 442-8760 or email leadsgirl@yahoo.com

Can you really afford our leads?

You cannot afford not to buy leads . We are the only website that guarantees the leads 100% . All you need is to close one loan and your entire investment in leads will be paid many times over! You cannot afford being in the lending business without good fresh leads.  Don't waste your time on crappy old and unreliable bad leads. Get  only our fresh genuine real time leads and flourish and prosper!


Loan Officer Tools
If you were able to work with this...
Imagine what can be done with this...

LendingUniverse.com is now offering the most advanced loan officer software system on the internet. Sophisticated, yet easy to use, this integrated software will allow you to calculate loans in seconds and get instant quotes from wholesale lenders and/or private investors to your customers. You may use it for your own self-generated leads, LendingUniverse.com leads or leads uploaded from other vendors. This software will make you thousands of dollars and can be yours FREE.

Lead Guarantee

What constitutes a valid lead?

A valid lead must have an accessible borrower in need of a loan that fits one of your loan programs.

Who decides the validity of a lead?

The determination of the validity of each lead is up to you. We trust your judgment and professionalism to make the correct determination as to the validity of the lead.

What happens if a borrower already has a broker?

If a borrower is locked in with another broker when you first contact him, then you entitle to 100% refund for the lead. However in today market no one can guarantee the borrower that the loan will be closed and an experience broker can mange to get borrower to switch or to at least look at a second opinion

How do I request a refund for a bad lead?

It is very simple to get a refund for a bad lead and we encourage you to use our return policy. There are 3 methods to return leads described in full and also with video in you the FAQ.


Credit for Bad Leads

You have 7 days to return a lead, including the day it was purchased. Weekends are included in the 7 day period. Leads purchased more than 7 days ago are not eligible for credit.

Benefits of lendinguniverse.com

  • Manual or auto purchase options.
  • No minimum number required.
  • Quality is guaranteed.
  • Fresh leads -you get it instantly as soon as the borrower completes their application online.
  • Automatic letter of interest.
  • Auto letter of introduction allows you to compete with the big guys.
  • Procure borrowers while you are asleep or on vacation.
  • Email notification on leads that fits your exact loan criteria.
  • Personal Control Center to manage all your lending activities.
  • Track your statistics.
  • Very easy to use, powerful database.
  • Integration with wholesale lenders, appraisers and other service providers.
  • Commercial, Residential and land loans.
  • Private lenders integration.
  • FREE membership.

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