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LendingUniverse’s management team is comprised of high-level executives from the fields of commercial real estate, software development, and the Internet.

Moshon Reuveni -
With 24 years experience as a licensed real estate professional, Mr. Reuveni has focused much of his efforts on the weakest link in the real estate transaction, financing. While placing a strong emphasis on responding to special needs of borrowers who have elected or have been forced to use private investors to fund real estate transactions, Mr. Reuveni has been credited with funding some of the most complicated loan transactions ever done in the state of California. With his extensive computer knowledge, Mr. Reuveni created the first open market infrastructure for the highly fragmented real estate industry and in June of 1999 he transformed his efforts to LendingUniverse.com where further development by a crew of 11 computer scientists and an Internet web site master was done.

Fred Mikan -
Mr. Mikan is a Microsoft Certified Professional with 10 years of professional experience in computer systems development. Having improved upon and created numerous computer programs as well as stand-alone and Internet databases, Mr. Mikan is familiar with the most modern tools used to create today’s E-Commerce solutions. In 1990 Mr. Mikan founded the first software mail-order firm in Croatia. Mr. Mikan holds B.Sc. degree in Computer Mathematics from the university of Zagreb, Croatia and is completing MBA at California State University, Northridge. Fred Mikan is a Microsoft Certified Professional.

Tony Lonstein -
Mr. Lonstein is a director and principal of Financial Growth Company LLC, a private investment firm based in Los Angeles, which makes primarily angel-round investments in internet, technology and telecommunication startups.  Recent projects include CUShopper.com, Prizecrazy.com, ReceiveTV, and Designfanatic.com.  Previously, Mr. Lonstein was Chairman and Founder of ADDTEL Communications, Inc., a nationwide long distance service provider with headquarters in Glendale, California.  After growing ADDTEL into a $30 million annual revenues firm, the company was acquired in 1997 by a Texas-based publicly traded company.  Mr. Lonstein has extensive experience in the international markets, patent processes, and the telecommunications field.

Michael Baybak -
Mr. Baybak is principal of Michael Baybak and Company, Inc., a financial relations and marketing/PR firm headquartered in Los Angeles, and serving an international clientele of emerging public companies. Founded in 1979, the company has long acted in the capacity of assisting with pre-public and first-stage public financing for companies in a variety of industries, many of which it has also brought to the attention of Wall Street and prominently profiled in U.S. business media. Mr. Baybak graduated from Columbia University and attended Yale Law School. Before entering the financial relations field in 1977, he was a business writer for a number of organizations including McGraw-Hill and The Christian Science Monitor.

Adi Harari -
With 25 years of Financial and Business management experience focused largely in the mortgage-banking industry, Mr. Harari established Delta Home Loans, Inc. a leading Southern California mortgage-banking firm where a strong emphasis has been placed on responding to market needs, creating the tools to compete and excel in changing markets. Mr. Harari has focused the company’s efforts on developing a, then very new, web based loan production market. The early implementation of this profit center allowed Delta to stay ahead of the curve and keep a high technology advantage. As a result Delta has grown by 400% in 2 years to over $300 million in annual funding and gross sales of over $6 million while maintaining highly recognized production quality.

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