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At your Loan Control Center you will be able to manage your loan(s) and negotiate what is best for your needs.
Thousands of Lenders and Other Service Providers:
LendingUniverse is connected to over 6,000 lenders and brokers. Each one of our brokers is typically connected to about 40 lenders. Some brokers on our site are connected to over 250 lenders. Because of this, we are the largest resource for funding on planet Earth. Over 10,000 potential lenders are directly, or via brokers, integrated on our lending site, ready to fund loans and service you.
Matching Borrowers with Lenders:
Lenders are efficiently matched up with your requested loan to bring you the most competitive rate and term. We are the only site encouraging a free market and competition between lenders. New lenders join us daily looking for new loans. Many brokers also post loans on behalf of borrowers. Thus, the loan requests have greater exposure, greatly increasing the probability of getting the best possible loan. (Patent pending)
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Benefits of Multiple-Lender Bidding:

Save Money. On a $200,000 loan, a difference of 0.25% in the interest rate will amount to a savings of $124,000 over the length of the loan. For a short-term loan you would want to pay fewer points and fees. Saving 1.5 points on a $200,000 loan is like having $3,000 more in your pocket. Check around and you will see that interest rates and costs can vary widely, especially on more difficult loans.
Save Time. There are thousands of lenders to choose from. Do you have the time to interview each one of them and explain your needs? It is far more efficient and successful to fill in just one simple request and then wait for your responses
"Impossible" loans. It does happen that you need a hard or "impossible" loan. Some loans are "almost impossible" because only a handful of lenders are able to arrange them. Finding these lenders is like looking for a needle in a haystack and can take you months. The best lender may be your next-door neighbor, yet you may never find him/her unless you are using LendingUniverse.com's search and match site. (Patent pending.)
Do not ruin your credit. Shopping on the Internet with many lenders can bring your credit score down to a point where your loan is not doable at all, or where your interest rate is now much higher. HOWEVER, at LendingUniverse we have developed an alternate way to get lenders to bid on your loan without damaging your credit score. We do not demand your social security number and we do not run your credit report. At LendingUniverse you could get the best of both worlds: multiple lenders bidding while your credit score remains high. Congratulations!
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Save TIME and MONEY with LendingUniverse!

  • Loans without verification of income or credit.
  • Private lenders compete to win your business.
  • Fast Loan Application is now online. Spend just a few minutes and let us put the most powerful loan search engine to work to find the best borrowing solution for your needs.
  • Save up to 70% on the cost of your loan and get a better interest rate.
  • Whether your credit is excellent or less than perfect, LendingUniverse might have a lender who can help you!
We are unique! We are not acting as a broker or a lender. We do not arrange loans and we do not make any credit decisions. We only provide a place where hundreds or thousands of lending institutions can see your loan application. We do not have any preferred lenders. Our goal is to ensure that you, the borrower, get the best possible loan at any given time and under any given situation.
LendingUniverse could save you thousands of $$$ on loans. The largest websites that offer legitimate mortgage loan competition are in fact also brokers -- and as brokers they are taking a percentage of the loan as their fee. LendingUniverse, on the other hand, is not a broker. We get a very small amount of money from our lenders so that they can access your loan information. With other lending sources origination fees or "points" are a percentage of the loan amount, e.g. on a $250,000 loan 1% is equal to $2,500. But at LendingUniverse we pass that savings to you! Therefore, you get both the competitive service AND the savings at the same time. Congratulations!
Beware of fraudulent loan applications. Some companies who claim to have hundreds of lenders on their websites are in fact giving your application to only one broker/lender. While advertising "hundreds of lenders," your loan request is exclusively sent to only one lender. The one who paid the most money, or the one who "bought your area" in advance. At LendingUniverse there is open competition from among hundreds of top-notch lenders and brokers striving for your business.
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Get a Second Opinion: Do you already have a lender who can do the loan for 8%? What if someone can do it just as quickly for 7.5%, or even less? When you go to a doctor for a second opinion it costs you money. However, LendingUniverse's second opinion is free. If for no other reason than to sleep better at night, you owe it to yourself to check it out.
You are in control. Negotiate. Once you receive an offer it is up to you to accept it, reject it, or more importantly, negotiate it. We give you the tools to decide which loan is best and then let you negotiate it.
Unusual Loan? Get in direct contact with hundreds of private investors who specialize in unusual loans that other lenders turn down!
Education: Find the secrets that will get you better loans! Applying for a loan is somewhat like applying for a job. Your loan application is your "resume". Just like a good resume may bring you a better income on a new job, a good loan application may bring you a better loan. At LendingUniverse we will show you how to write your application for maximum benefit to you.

For the best qualified borrowers, a few not very well known secrets* can make a difference of thousands of dollars in savings per year. For certain "borderline" loans especially, learning a few secrets from our confidential Education Guide will make the difference between getting or not getting that loan.

Note: * LendingUniverse strongly advocates that you never falsify data on a loan application under any circumstances. Honesty is your best bet for your best loan. We will provide you with tips and secrets to improve your loan application while maintaining honesty at the same time.
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