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Important notice about shop for lenders.

If you wish to submit a loan request to wholesale or private lenders, please do so only via "Shop for Lenders" procedure. LendingUniverse.com has a special interface that is designed specifically for that purpose. By using our Shop For Lender feature not only can you find new lenders, but you can also compare quotes, and even send the loan request to your existing old lenders and compare ALL the results in one place. Additionally, the system will keep an accurate record of every response you ever receive.

What not to do:

Do not enter a loan request from scratch as though you are the borrower. The reasons you should not pose as a borrower are: A. It is confusing to the lenders. B. The application gets to other brokers instead of to actual lenders, which wastes their time and your time. C. It is double work for you (after very little practice you'll find it easier and much faster to use "shop for lenders" than to log in and pose as a borrower). D. You cannot track your request results and cannot efficiently monitor the responses. E. If A-D above are not convincing enough, then please note that the system is being changed to delete all requests that are entered by brokers posting as borrowers unless it is entered via the "shop for lenders" feature as found on your control center.

What to do:

We encourage you to shop your loans to our wholesale lenders and private investors. It is Free.
We even give you promotional credit for each loan request! Just look for shop for lender icons in your control center the and follow the instructions. We made it easier for everyone to follow and get results. If you are an existing member please log in and start. New brokers should register first and then post the new loan request. There are hundreds of qualified wholesale lenders and private investors on lendinguniverse.com waiting to review and reply to new requests.

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