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Any credit, any income...
Our lenders accept requests for many loans of other
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Commercial Loans

1   Fill out one FREE commercial loan application safely and securely.

  • Your Social Security Number is not required.
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  • Get your own Loan Control Center with tools to conduct all of your negotiations until your loan is closed.

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  • Over 10,000 banks, brokers and private investors will have instant access directly to your commercial loan application.
  • If your loan request fits their lending criteria, a commercial lender can immediately provide you with a "Letter of Interest", and a loan approval.
  • You may receive 4-6 bids. These bids will come directly to your own Loan Control Center with email notification to you.
  • You can compare offers and then choose the best one or negotiate further. View sample results

3   Our lenders provide any type of Commercial Loans:

  • COMMERCIAL BRIDGE LOANS: Rehabilitation, repositioning, re-tenanting of existing properties, as well as new construction.
  • TIME-SENSITIVE TRANSACTIONS: Acquisition or refinancing transactions with short closing deadlines.
  • PROPERTIES WITH UNIQUE CHARACTERISTICS: Ground leases, higher dollar value per square foot, tenant rollover risk, structural issues.
  • SPECIAL PURPOSE PROPERTIES: Nursing / Retirement facilities related loan requests, entertainment / recreation related requests, business related requests with real estate collateral.
  • SINGLE TENANT/OWNER OCCUPIED CREDIT AND NON-CREDIT: Virtually all uses are considered. Construction, bridge and permanent financing are available on this property type.
  • STRUCTURE CASH FLOW: Consolidate and refinance your existing Commercial Real Estate Loans into one loan with a longer term. This might allow you to make a single monthly payment at a lower amount.
  • HARD MONEY COMMERCIAL LOANS: No or limited documentation of income and regardless of credit. Private Investors lend Hard Money Loans on any commercial property based on Equity only. Normally It can be done much faster than any conventional loan. Hard Money Commercial Loan can be done as BAD CREDIT COMMERCIAL LOANS which are normally done by Hard Money Lenders but many borrowers with excellent credit may often need Hard Money Loan to save time and for certain situations.
  • COMMERCIAL LAND LOANS: May include funding all the development cost for entitlements and or complete construction project. It can be a loan only secure by the land as it is without any string attached.
  • COMMERCIAL BUSINESS LOANS: May also provide funds for inventory equipments and the running operation of the business.
  • Extend the term of your equipment loans to match the useful life of the equipment, you may be able to make smaller monthly payments.
  • Lease your equipment, so you only pay for use of the equipment over the specified period of your lease term. Because you're not financing the entire cost of the equipment, your payments will be lower.
  • You may be able to sell your business assets to the lender, allowing the lender to lease them back to you at a lower monthly payment.
  • SBA LOANS: While many commercial banks shun loans for start-up operations, it is the SBA's mission and responsibility to assist such ventures and to help increase the number of successful small businesses in the United States. New business will generate jobs and taxes. This is especially important not only to the local community but to our Country as a whole.

Start Your Commercial Loan Application here

Any credit, any income...
Our lenders accept requests for many loans of other property types